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Mon, August 3
Mondays Against Humanity
Wed, August 5
Open Mic
Thu, August 6
Keith Jenkins and the Moving Parts, Jonathan Hape
Fri, August 7
The Giggitys, Joey74, Suicide Ghouls, The Last Ones
Sat, August 8
Wonky Tonk, Jordan O'Jordan, Ginny Riot
Mon, August 10
Mondays Against Humanity
Wed, August 12
Open Mic
Thu, August 13
Julien Baker
Fri, August 14
10 PM Greg Jackson Combs, Kyle Eldridge 7 PM - Matthew Ryan, Shane Sweeney
Sat, August 15
Mon, August 17
Brat Curse, Halfsour, Didi
Tue, August 18
Hillbilly Bingo
Wed, August 19
Open Mic
Fri, August 21
Surfer, Ipps, Rooms
Sat, August 22
Dip Spit, Jasper the Colossal, Scotty Boombox
Mon, August 24
Mondays Against Humanity
Tue, August 25
Wed, August 26
Open Mic
Thu, August 27
Fri, August 28
Sat, August 29
Village Bicycle
Mon, August 31
Mondays Against Humanity