887 Chambers Rd, Columbus, OH 43212


The Treebar (formerly “Andyman’s Treehouse”) is a cozy neighborhood bar & live music venue just southwest of the Ohio State University campus. It can hold about 125 people comfortably.

We feature live music of all styles (both national and local) four or five nights a week, including one of the best open mic nights in town.

Booking with Kyle Sowash

Want to Play at The Tree Bar?

You’re in a band. Everyone loves your band. We love bands that are loved by everyone. Let’s do this…

We generally book original music from Thursday to Sunday, yet we are always open to having shows Sunday through Tuesday, if it seems worth our efforts.

How to reach us:

Send all booking inquiries to booking [at] treebarcolumbus [dot] com. You must include in this email: the date you’re interested in, the lineup you propose for the night, and links to your music.

Guidelines & Additional Info

Out of town acts: you must have two strong locals on the bill. “Strong Locals” means bands that have played the bar before that can draw. Let’s face it: your band IS probably really awesome, but… if we’ve never heard of you, it’s pretty likely people won’t be busting down the door to catch your set. SO…in order to make it an awesome show for everyone involved, it’s probably easier to just contact some local bands first and see if they’d be willing to play with you on X date. Sorry, but due to the volume of requests we get, we are not able to help you find local bands. Please visit www.donewaiting.com for some ideas.

Most of our Weekday / Thursday night shows will not have a cover charge which means the bands will be paid through a percentage of bar sales. If you would like to have a cover the night you play let us know in advance and we will accommodate your request. To do this The Tree Bar will pay the door guy out of our own pocket, so please promote the damn show.

Weekend shows will have a cover at the door from which the bands will get paid 100% of what is collected. You set the rate at the door but we reserve the right to veto any cover requested over $5 dollars. Trust us, you don’t want to dare people not to come in. Bands get paid at the end of the night by the door guy NOT the bartenders but only after you turn in the mics and cables that were used.

We will not hold your payout for you. Someone from your band, or an appointed representative of your band must be present at the end of the night in order for you to get paid. If everyone in your band decides that they have to split before payout, then your band has forfeited your pay for the night. Sorry, man, but you play in a rock and roll band. Don’t play your set and bolt. That’s lame. That other band’s drummer had to work tomorrow morning, too….but he stayed to get paid. Just drink a Red Bull tomorrow morning. You’ll be fine.

What about paying a soundguy? Simple. We don’t have one. Our P.A. Is Do-it-yourself. We have a 10 channel Mackie mixer attached to the wall. There are two monitors hanging from the ceiling. We also have a box with 6 microphones, 6 cables, and a D.I. Box. Give your I.D. To the bartender, and he or she will give you the box of microphones. You get your I.D. Back when you turn in all the microphones TO THE DOOR GUY.

Shows start at 10pm, and have to be over by 2 am. Plan your set lengths accordingly, and make sure all the bands on your bill do the same (there should be no reason that the third band on a three band bill should be taking the stage after 1:30 am). In other words, if you are playing first, and there’s two other bands playing after you, you should not play for more than 40 minutes.

Our shows are 21+. No exceptions. (Sorry, kids.)

Also – use your brain when you’re setting up shows. I shouldn’t HAVE to tell you these things, but I will, anyway.

  1. Don’t ask to set up a show here when you’re playing at Skully’s the night before. (We don’t really want you playing here any more than 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after you play any other Columbus show. Your friends will eventually tire of coming to see your really cool band play every…single….week).
  2. If you’re setting up a show with an unknown out of town band, do the right thing and give them the middle slot. Seriously. They came all the way from Cleveland.
  3. Drop off posters at the bar. We will be extremely disappointed with you if you don’t make a poster for the show. C’mon. That’s the FUN part about setting up shows.
  4. Make a Facebook invite, invite your friends and post it on our Facebook wall… We will flog you and your bandmates if you don’t make a Facebook invite for the show. If you don’t make a Facebook invite, we probably won’t ask you to play again. Promote yourself, for shit’s sake.
  5. Stay and watch the other bands play. Don’t play your set and bolt. That’s some weak sauce.
  6. LOAD IN NO LATER THAN 9 PM. We don’t want you trying to lug your bass amp back to the gear storage room while there’s a band playing. It’s rude, and really annoying to those trying to watch the band.
  7. Band members get $1 off everything at the bar. Not band members’ girlfriends. Not band members’ buddies. Etc.
  8. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

If you have any questions, please re-read multiple times.

Let’s set up a show! Seriously, we love great bands.